The Yours are a Hong Kong based alternative rock band. The band was originally formed by Jack Leung (guitar, vocals) and Nic Wong (guitar, bass, vocals) in 2005 and released their debut EP, Abraham, on Lona Records in 2006. Known for their confrontational stage presence, the band quickly established themselves as one of the most unique acts in the underground scene of Hong Kong. Their early music was variously described as a mixture of post punk and shoegaze, which featured reverb saturated guitars and a steady, almost drum-machine like rhythm section.

After the release of Abraham, The Yours went through multiple line-up changes, with Jack and Nic remaining the sole consistent members, until the band decided to record a full-length studio album. In 2011, the band recruited Gwyneth Tang (Vocals/Guitar), Nelson Ko (Drums) and Tim Ng (Guitar) to complete the line-up. The band’s debut album, The Way We Were, was recorded by Lona Record’s Alok Leung and released in August 2012 on Imagine-Imagine-Imagine Records.

Incorporating well-crafted melodies and fuzzed out guitar riffs reminiscent of the early 1990’s, the album was met with critical acclaim upon its release, with Dazed and Confused listing the band as one of the East Asia’s new wave of talents. In 2013, the band embarked on their first-ever tour in China and released a Japanese edition of “The Way We Were” with Disk Union in Japan.

The band’s sophomore album, “Teenagarten” was released in July 2014. Recorded by Yang Haisong of P.K14 at Psychic Kong in Beijing, the second album is rawer, darker and more intense than its predecessor, yet maintains the band’s rich melodic structures and teenage angst. Since their formation, The Yours have been one of the most active bands in Hong Kong, making numerous appearances at music festivals and performing with multiple international acts, most notably The Jesus And Mary Chain in 2012.

The band’s most recent line-up consists of Jack Leung (guitar, vocals), Nic Wong (bass, vocals) and Tim Ng (guitar)

In July, 2014, The Yours signed to Maybe Mars, the leading independent record label in China.

香港搖滾樂隊The Yours於2005年組成,早期風格受Post Punk(後朋克)和Shoegaze(瞪鞋)影響,06年推出首張EP 後經歷過多次成員變動和音樂風格上轉變,2011年重新錄製專輯,並於12年推出專輯,以CD和美國製180-Gram黑膠版本發行。專輯概念圍繞著青年文化,音樂風格揉合Noise Pop (噪音流行) 的和九十年代初的Alternative Rock (另類搖滾)的風格。專輯推出後得到各界正面評價,樂隊獲英國化表性雜誌選為"East Asia's New Wave of Talents"之一,專輯同時亦得到日本Disk Union, Tower Records和HMV推薦。

The Yours一直活躍於現場演出,曾多次為外國樂隊如The Jesus And Mary Chain等作暖場表演。近來亦漸多到國內演出,包括13年初Converse 玩到髒Get Dirty巡演、2014年Carsick Cars <3>專輯巡演其中廣州、深圳、和香港三站的演出,更與不少國際品牌合作及演出如Dior丶Saint Laurent丶Alexander McQueen及Nokia等等。

樂隊的第二張專輯由P.K14的楊海崧錄製,專輯高舉著年青人的旗幟,繼續以青年文化為主題。音樂風格上呈現著比過往更直截了當和粗獷的面貌,但在大量的結他噪音下仍保留著樂隊一貫的旋律性。 於2014年7月於香港發佈,同時樂隊也正式加盟中國先鋒搖滾廠牌兵馬司唱片(Maybe Mars),兵馬司唱片將會於9月中旬正式發行的大陸版本,The Yours屆時也將進行他們在大陸的首次專輯巡演。